Friday, April 26, 2013

The Dream

The Ultimate Dream Alliance, or “What I Imagine it would be like”

1.       First I apply my Corporation to this Alliance. They get back to me with in a 3 day period, and we go into their communications channel for the interview. At least 2 of the 3 head leaders are there and we talk about the whys, and what could be. They ask what we have to offer, and they tell me what they have to offer my corporation. The atmosphere is light, yet both sides understand that this is serious internet spaceships that we’re talking about. The issue of security comes up, and the need for my full API key, for my toons, and my corporation is needed to continue to the next level. I supply my full API Key and set it to expire in 48 hours, which is agreed upon by both sides as enough time to check it out.

2.       After two days I hear back from the Alliance that they are excited about taking us on, and that they can see great things from our corporation being a part of their Alliance. Our application is accepted and we are now part of a bigger brotherhood, and a larger part of the game. Our corporation at this point feels that we can make a real difference in Eve now.

3.        Once we are in the Alliance, I receive several eve mails from the leadership explaining all the things I need to know to be an integral part of our new alliance. From the Alliance Leader I receive information as to the structure of the Alliance leadership, and who I would go to for certain information. A list of mailing lists broken down into specific departments that are either mandatory to join, like the CEO mailing list, or some of the others, like industry or logistics. It lists any mandatory meetings and when they are, and the time to be there for them. The mail continues on to explain the SRP Program, and any other Alliance programs that benefit all the corporations, as well as programs that are set up to help the Alliance generate isk, and how we can be a part of them. The Mail finishes with a note from the Alliance Diplomats, and Recruiters as to the knowledge of any other corporations that may be a good fit for the Alliance, are that we as a corporation have good standing with. This information could be used to help build up the Alliance, or garner favor with other corporations and Alliances.

4.        I then receive a mail from the Industrial arm of the alliance explaining what their all about, and given a link to survey monkey to fill out a quick survey to give the alliance a good idea of what my corporations capabilities are. We are also told that the alliance has alliance wide contracts up for fully fitted doctrine ships to buy, as well as contracts that we as a corporation can fill to help the alliance bolster it's goods and materials. The industrial Leader's mail goes on to let us know what the alliance has for current operations, and how to join them, and when they are.

5.        The last mail we receive is from the Military Commander of the Alliance. This letter contains all the information needed to join fleets, and are directed to to see the alliance doctrines and current operations. We are also assigned a system for home defense, that we, along with other corporations in the alliance are responsible for protecting. There are many opertunities in the military arm that we as a corporation will be able to take advantage of.  

 With all this information we are ready to become a productive part of this new alliance. Knowing that the alliance is set up and structured in a way to handle anything that comes its way makes me feel comfortable that the alliance will last. This doesn't always happen, and you will see some of these things in any alliance you join. This highly structured system is dependent on the people running the Alliance, and their need to make sure that not only is the alliance is taken care of, but also that of the corporation within the Alliance. Corporations are the backbone of any alliance, without them you have nothing. Knowing this, and working with and for the CEO's of the Alliance will ensure the staying power, and growth of any alliance.

  I probably could add more, and get more involved in what I have written, but  I want to keep it short. I will post more on this topic in future posts. 


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