Friday, April 26, 2013


"Knowledge is Power"

   This saying alone says it all. The more you know, the better you can deal with whatever comes along. It is much more than that in the world of Eve. Game or not Eve is driven by players, and most content is player created and can affect a great number of players. A good example of this is Burn Jita, and when the Ice interdiction was going on. Any corporation, or alliance learns this early on if they have any hope of surviving and reaching any far reaching goals they have set out for themselves.

  The more you know about what you're doing the better you can perform the tasks at hand. This goes for any aspect of Eve. If you want to scan down sites and do complexes, then you better have the skills and knowledge of what you are looking for, and how to find it. In Eve time is isk.

  Industrial corporations, and alliances need to learn how to get the most from their time in the belts, the best way to get the most from their refining, and the cheapest way to build the ships and modules that will make them money. Being inefficient can cost you isk that would be better spent on your members, and the needed goods the Corporation requires to continue in the black. Learning what skills are needed, what implants work best, and how many people are required to make the best of any operation is imperative.

  Military corporations, and alliances have similar needs, but are also more diverse in the information needed in order to complete its given role, or task. Starting at the bottom it needs combat pilots, they don't have to be good, but their knowledge of ship types, and roles is important. you can tell anyone what ships to fly, but they need to be taught why, and sometimes how to do it. It is a fact of life that not everyone is great at something when they first start out, and learning / teaching them the right things to do must be done. Dismissing someone because they can't solo PvP right away is throwing away a potential ace pilot because you couldn't be bothered with them. Eve is a harsh game with a sharp learning curve, those that keep trying are the ones you want to take under your wing and teach them what, why, and how to succeed since they already have the will and heart to want to continue in the Eve universe. Starting potential fleet commanders out in leading home defense fleets is a good idea, teaching them the leadership, and highly structured skills of fleet command with small steps, and building on that so "some" may someday take the reigns of large fleets within your corporation, or alliance and lead them to massive victories.

  Understanding that military operations are not always jamming a square peg into a round hole, but a concerted effort between a large number of people. Intelligence gained prior to any campaign, logistics moved prior to an operation, and operation security is all needed to lead a campaign to victory. "Work smarter, not harder" are words to live by in warfare in Eve. Learning and using strategy and tactics to confuse, and misdirect the enemy is essential to winning the war, and not just one battle. Understand what you can do with black ops, the psychological impact it can have on an enemy, and the ability to jump a black ops fleet in that can't be found is immeasurable in a campaign.

  Training can not be understated. When not in a war or running a major campaign, take a fleet out and get them used to your voice and mannerisms as a fleet commander. Anything you can do to get you pilots comfortable will be useful when the heat is turned up and you are fighting for your life and an important battle later on.

 In the end the more prepared you are, the more you know about Eve, the more you learn about how things work, and the more you put into your preparation before you rush into a war, battle, or operation the better the outcome will be.


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