Friday, April 26, 2013

Industrial Operations Part 1

 When setting up industrial operations there are a few things that you must consider. Where am I running these operations, and what do I have to work with? These two questions will determine what your next steps will be.

High Security Space

 In High sec there isn’t much to worry about, and the biggest question will be what you have to work with. In my opinion the minimum mining fleet will consist of a command ship and two to three mining barges. This will allow for boosts the fleet, and a large ore bay from the command ship, however this is not optimal since the orca would have to make trips back to the station to unload and the fleet would lose it’s boosts during this time. Adding a hauler to this fleet would mean that the boosts stay on the field and the hauler could make the trips to unload making the fleet more efficient. Anything you add to this fleet would just make it more of a beast, as with the current set up you could chew through a belt in less than an hour.

Low Security Space

 In Low sec things start to change, and not for the better. Industrial operations in low sec can be very dangerous, and become a bit more expensive to run. In low security you will have a large number of pirate corporations just itching to add to their kill mails with the loss of your fat and non combat ships. Any corporation in low sec that are thinking of mining out there needs to supplement you mining fleet with a security force of combat pilots to protect it. I would also suggest that any mining operations stay as streamlined and compact as possible limiting the amount of targets you present to someone. Using ventures in this situation is a great idea as they are fast and already come with built in warp stabs for a quick get away. In low sec I would also make sure that when entering a belt make sure all your ships are aligned to either a station or a safe to ensure the fasted warp out possible. Operations need to run as quickly and effectively as possible, get what you need and get out.


 Believe it or not, depending on the situation and safety of the system you are working in out in 0.0, it’s almost as safe as high sec. A mixture of both High, and low sec strategies apply here. Using the fleet composition described for high sec will work with a few exceptions. Using a Rorqual boosting off grid safe in a POS will give you great bonuses, especially if you have it in industrial mode, and your skills are high enough. Add the orca for hauling and either a bunch of ventures, or for their massive hp’s and ore holds, mackinaws. Make sure that you are following the same procedures as in low sec, by aligning to a station, pos, or a safe for quick warp outs if trouble shows up. Make sure you watch local, you will see them when they jump into system, don’t wait warp as soon as you do.


  Mining can be a lucrative isk generator. Ore and minerals sell well on the market and can infuse your corporation with much needed isk. If you have the players with the right skills in your corporation production can also be done, but make sure at least one active player has perfect refining to get the most out of the ore you mine.

  The opinions and ideas I have laid out are for a small to medium sized Corporation. If your corporation is large enough I would suggest that you keep your mining fleets to a manageable size and split them up between belts. This not only helps to not draw attention to yourself since large fleets are a target only because of the pack mentality of your enemy since they will attempt to scatter you and pick off the person that didn't warp fast enough or was sleeping / AFK.

  In Part two, I will attempt to explain the benefits to conducting mining fleet operations and how the proceeds could be used and distributed to your members. Alliances as well as corporations will be included in my ideas for discussion.  

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