Sunday, December 2, 2012

The People

  The biggest and most complex of commodities in the world of EvE Online are the people that you will be leading in your corporation. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, but this doesn’t matter to you it’s who they are that will matter. The people that will be joining your corporation will be one of the types we will be discussing, and I will try to give you some help as to what can be done about them.
The first grouping will be active to non-active players. Then we will look at them as individuals.
The Active Player:
  These players will make up the core of your corporation. They will be the ones that will be online the most, and will be the driving force behind you building your company up.
The Want to be Active Player:
  These players are mostly good people, but because of real life issues don’t have the time to be as productive to the corporation. They honestly want to be there for you and the corporation they joined, but just can’t find the time.
The Non-Active Player:
  These players had good intentions when they applied, and even logged on a couple of times, but have just disappeared and hasn’t been seen in weeks. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but you have to move on, and remove them from your members list. Before you remove the member though, send them a EvE-mail stating that when they become active again you would gladly accept them back to your corporation.
These are the major differences between players as individuals, in my opinion.
The Lone Wolf:
  This guy/gal joins the Corporation, and is active, but you never see him/her in your system, or showing up for corporate made events such as roams, or group mining nights. He/she is friendly enough when you talk to him/her, but that is not very often. He/she is hardly on Teamspeak, if you use a voice server. All you know is that he’s/she’s online, and doing something.
  The first thing I would try to do is ascertain what he may be doing, and if there is a reason that he is acting this way. Some people are anti-social. If you find that he/she is doing things that may be against what your company stands for then drop him/her, but if they are not doing anything that could be harmful then it’s your call to let them be, or let them go.
The Veteran (Type A):
  This player has been playing EvE for awhile now, and has the skills points to prove it. They are knowledgeable about most things in game, and willing to pass what they know on to the corporation to help it grow. 
  I would cherish these players as they will be there, and give you a wealth of information that you can use to propel your new company in the right direction. Always take care of these people, and never make them feel like you’re taking them for granted.
The Veteran (Type B):
  This player has been playing EvE for awhile now, and has the skills points to prove it. They are knowledgeable about most things in game, and are somewhat unhappy about the way EvE is evolving. They may come online in a haphazard pattern, and you can never count on them to be there. When they do come online, they are helpful and guiding.
  Understand what you have with these players. They are helpful when they are online, so be happy that they are part of your corporation. I would not get them involved in anything that would need them to be relied upon though as you could get caught waiting days to get that item produced, or the material they said they would get for you.   
The Rookie:
  Some like to use the word noob, but I usually don’t. These people are brand new to EvE, and due to the games steep learning curve will need some help learning the ropes. If you take these people into your corporation, be aware that you will need to be there with a guiding hand. We use a program of giving them the tools to grow, and an open door policy to answer any of their questions.
The Egotist:
  This player knows everything, quite literally. The only problem is, they know this, and want to make sure you do too. They want to make sure that they are treated special for their knowledge.
  These people can be more trouble than they are worth, you will have to gauge just how much you need someone like this in your corporation, and where he may fit in. This player can cause massive drama within the corporation, and that is something you just don’t need.
The Doer:
  This player is your ultimate sweet spot, doing what he can for the corporation, and going that extra mile. These are the players that you want to groom for management positions within your corporation. They show up for corporate events, and even help out with running them. They don’t ask for things in return, and are honestly concerned about seeing the corporation grow and become something bigger and better.
  These people are a great asset to you and the corporation. You have to make sure they don’t burn themselves out, and that they get the proper recognition within your corporation for all their hard work.  
  The Clueless:
 These people are quite simply clueless. They have gone and got themselves blown up, and even after you explain what happened, and how it can be avoided, they go and do it again. There is no teaching them the right way they have to find out for themselves that EvE is harsh, and brutal.
  It’s up to you to decide, how many times, is enough with these people. My personal best was four in one week.
The Taker:
  These people seem good enough from afar, but as time goes on things change. Running a corporation means building up the corporation wallet, and to do that you have to have a plan. Whether that be through industrial means, or a PvP route you will decide how it’s going to happen. Takers will feign wanting to be working for the corporation, but you start to realize that they would rather use the corporation to benefit themselves, and their wallets.
  You will notice this more in a low or null sec area, as keeping POS’s fueled, and the greater need for teamwork will show who someone really is quicker. They will want to use the POS’s and all the arrays they can. They will also want the corporation to buy materials that are needed to create fuel, but not put anything towards all the things needed to sustain corporate operations.   
The Giver:
  These people will give you there last ISK. They are giving to a fault, and just want to help out everyone. Although there is nothing wrong with this type of behavior you have to watch that they don’t get taken advantage of by people inside or outside the corporation.
  If the person learns from his mistakes, and can avoid doing the same things over, and over again they would worth keeping.

  I’m sure I have missed out on some types of personalities. These are just some of the types I have run across in my travels.  

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