Monday, December 24, 2012


  What kind of leader are you going to be? I want you to know now, there is no such thing as a democracy in EvE. You will be the one that will be running your corporation. In the post I want to talk about you, not your officers, or how you set up your corporation. How are you going to act? Because this is what’s going to make or break your corporation. You can rule with an iron fist, accepting no quarter for what you expect from your members, and accepting no less then perfection. Or you can lead, teach, and work with your members to build your corporation up and make it into the vision you have for it through teamwork. Either way is viable, however you have to remember that this is a game that people pay for to play, and to enjoy. They will not accept to be continually badgered and harassed for their actions, and stay with you. I use the word continually because there are times that you will be harassed and badgered but that’s for another discussion pertaining to fleets, and fleet commanders.
    I want you to remember that when people join your corporation they have seen something that related to them as a person and that they wanted to be a part of your vision. Work with these people, listen to their ideas, and comments about how your corporation is run and act accordingly. I am not saying that you have to change what you’re doing, or how you’re doing it, just to listen to what people have to say. Sometimes you will find that there may be an easier way of getting from point A to Point B, or that there is a better way to make something happen. There are people out there with a different set of skills than you have, you this to your advantage. Like the President of a nation, to the best Corporate CEO, they have learned to surround themselves with the best people that shore up their weaknesses and make the whole of their corporation / administration stronger.    
   Your goal as a leader should be to do what is necessary to grow your corporation both financially, as well as emotionally. Financially through whatever means you have at your disposal. I will not go into what this means, because depending on your vision for your corporation this could be industrial, or piracy. Emotionally build your members through caring what they think, and what they need to grow. Being a leader that is concerned with these things will create a bond with your officers, and members that will not soon be forgotten. Make sure you’re not one to climb over people to get what you want they will remember this and make sure you don’t do it to them again.
   If something your doing is not working don’t be afraid to switch up and trying something different. The worst thing you can do is keep banging your head against a wall trying to make it work. As long as you work with your people, and your officers, and they are all working with you to build the corporation in the direction that works for your vision you need to keep it going and see how far you can take it.

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