Saturday, December 1, 2012


  There are several types of reputation, but for EvE players they are intertwined. You have your individual reputation, and that of your Corporation as a whole. Reputation with NPC Corporations is important because it will give you better refine rates, jump clone capabilities, and loyalty point purchases. When leading a corporation you need to do anything and everything possible to cut down on your expenses and take care of your bottom line.

Industrial & Refining
  Refining skills coupled with a really good reputation in the station that you use for your production, and refining can save you lots of ISK. If you fleet up with one of your corporate mission runners, you can have an industrial skilled toon acquire reputation points towards the NPC Corporation you are trying to get your better refining reputation for.

Jump Clones
  Jump clones can also come in handy, but you will need an individual reputation of over 8.0, or an overall corporation rating of over 8.0 to be able to use that NPC Corporation. As a CEO, you can find an out of the way NPC Corporation with which you can gain reputation to over a 8.0 and make sure no one that joins your corporation ever runs missions for them. This will keep the overall corporation reputation to 8.0 or more, and everyone can use the NPC stations to get their jump clones from. If anyone ever runs a mission for that NPC Corporation your reputation, being overall, will be an average of all of your corporations’ members’ reputation with that NPC Corporation.

Your Reputation
  There is one more reputation that you as a CEO must be aware of, but even though it’s not a mechanic of the game, it is a byproduct of your corporation. Your reputation as a corporation is carried with every member of your corporation, and with every action that members does. Upon joining your budding company, every member wears a jacket with your insignia for everyone in the game to see. Be aware of what your members are doing, if you don’t condone it, or feel that they are giving your corporation a negative image then you need to rectify the situation before you find yourself in a war dec, or worse.

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