Monday, November 26, 2012

Starting out......

  Starting a new corporation in not all that hard, and the skills needed are minimal to begin with. Once you have the Corporation Name all set, and you enter into being a Chief Executive Officer is where the fun starts. In order to run a good corporation you really need only three things, common sense, logical thinking, and the will to make the things you want to happen, happen. At this point you should be asking yourself a lot of questions, but let’s start with the basics. The first thing you need to do is look around your corporation and see just what you have to work with. I understand the want to dream big, but we need to be realistic in what we can do right now, and what we can work towards for the future.
  We have to start with some kind of plan, or foundation if you will. Just like building a house, you need to make sure you build your corporation on a solid foundation so you will always know it can remain stable. Your foundation should begin with what you’re corporation is going to represent right now, and how you’re going to achieve the goals you want to set for it. What will your corporation do? There are a lot of different ways you could go, mining, production, player vs. player, hauling, piracy, any combination of things are possible in EvE. Whatever you choose, design your foundation to support it. If you go industrial, start off with mining, build to production, then expand on that to capital ship production. The steps I listed are the basics, and you would need to make a business plan how you would get from point A to point B, who would do what, and how it’s going to get there. If you’re a one man corporation it’s easy, all your people work for you by way of several accounts, and dual boxing et all. When other real life people are involved, it gets a bit more complicated.  What are the people’s skills in your corporation? How will they fit in with your overall plan?
  There should always be two sets of goals, short term, and a long term. The short term goal would be right now, what you’re going to do at this minute to grow your corporation. The long term goal would take into account, growing skill sets, better ships, and recruitment.

  If all your people can do is mine right now, then that’s what you want them doing while you get them to skill up. You as a corporation can help them with making ISK, instead of them mining for free and giving it to the corporation (although this should be done once a week to help with corporate expenses, and bring everyone together), use the corporation contracts to buy their ore from them. This allows your people to make some ISK, buy new things, and feel like they’re getting somewhere. Make sure that you make the contracts out for at least Jita (or nearest trade hub) sell price, we use -6.5% off Jita (or nearest trade hub) sell price, since they don’t have to worry about refining it, or hauling it anywhere. This will either require you to create a spreadsheet to keep track of Jita (or nearest trade hub) prices for the types of ore available in your system, or you can try using a notebook (I suggest getting cozy with excel, you will be using it a lot). We also offer incentives to our newer members.  Retrievers are cheap, and when our members gain the skills to use one, we give it to them. It makes them happy, and it allows them to mine more for your corporation. It’s a win for all.

  In an industrial corporation you would look to raise skills to exhumers for your miners, having someone raise their Refining skills to work towards perfect refine in the station your corporation is based out of, and having someone skill up to be able to fly haulers, freighters, and finally an Orca. Some of these would be your long term goals, as you build your mining Corporation bigger, these will be what you will need, and starting to work on them now is important.  Also, as you’re building your Company up, keep in mind that the Reputation with the corporation that you are based out of is very important. The better your reputation is with them, the less they will take from you when refining ore. Fleet up your main refining character, and then run missions with your mission runner. When you turn in your mission, both characters will get reputation.    
  You can start off slow by buying your miners ore, refining it, and taking it to market to sell, as long as you give your miners fair price for their ore, and since you would be doing the refining and the hauling of the minerals, no one should be put out. The corporation will make a little profit from the minerals, and until you have the skills you need to build, this is the fastest way to make a profit for your Corporation.

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