Sunday, November 25, 2012

In the Beginning.....

  Before I knew of the existance of EvE Online, I was playing Tanks. Having been disenchanted with World of Warcraft, I had played for seven years, and the "Been there, done that" feeling had grown to the point of just wanting to walk away from it, and everything I had built. When I say that, it was now mere feat, at the time I was running a guild with over three hundred and thirty toons, and about thirty or so active players. The funny part of it all was I had never intended to run a guild again, after we has switched servers, and a few of us began again as horde characters. I guess it's in my blood to want to step up and try and make a place for my friends to have a place they can call home, and where their voices could be heard in what they wanted to do in game. We ended up recruiting a ton of great people, which I still miss some to this day, and our goal was to see end content of the game. We completed that goal, and it was enjoyable, for a time. Then came the expansions, and the vicious cycles of going and getting better gear, so we could get better gear, so we could get better gear and start raiding. It just seemed so redundant, and finally I was done with it all, I said goodbye to all my friends and walked away. I made sure the Guild was in good hands and that a large amount of my stuff went into the guild bank, sadly with all the soul bound items still sitting on my toon somewhere in the nether either gathering dust. I started my journey to find the next best thing for me to enjoy.

  Along came Tanks, and I rejoiced. Well sort of, it still was a game you had to level up and build yourself up in, but it was different, and I think that's what I was ultimately looking for. I liked the fast paced game play, and the throw back to World War II look and feel of it. I joined a great team, guild, alliance, whatever you would call it, and the guys were great. There was one in particular that stuck me as a comrade in arms and as we played together we became good friends. This guy is important to the story as you will see, and as we played tanks he told me about EvE Online and what it had to offer. I figured I would take a look.

  This guy at the time had his own corporation, nothing big, just for himself, and he offered to accept my trial account noob into it so I would have a place to call home. As I looked around New Eden, I found it to be a vast and interesting place full of opportunity and adventure. At first, I had what you would call information overload, there was so much to do, and so many different ways to do it that I was lost in a sea of possibilities. I think that if it wasn't for my new found friend in EvE, that I might have not logged on again, but he was there to give me a guiding hand and a few hundred ISK to boot, to get me started. I learned that even though I had my friend helping me out, and guiding me in my new adventure in EvE, not everyone was so helpful, well they were in their eyes, helping themselves to my jet can and hoping I would shoot back, which I did right before I died. Lesson one learned. My friend would then explain what had happened, and give me friendly advice so it wouldn't happen again. It was like sitting on your front porch, and that guy from down the street would walk by and say hi, and you would start talking about what it was really like during World War II. The Knowledge that he possessed was amazing, and I would have been a fool to not listen to the subtle and not so subtle things that EvE had to Offer, as long as I was aware of the things that could kill me, steal from me, and trick me into losing all that I had built up.

  We talked about skill queues, ships, mining, being able to protect myself, and to not fly anything I couldn't afford to lose. We also touched on the subject of having multiple accounts, even though it would cost you twice as much, even more if you wanted more toons, to play it was well worth it. Needless to say, I saw the real benefit in this and started my second toon, she was going to be pure industrial while Zensai would continue down the military path, and someday fly those big ships ! I had asked him if he ever wanted to build his Corporation up and do something on a larger scale, which he replied that he had no problem with it, but never really thought about it all that much. When the time came for my friend to take a trip that would take him away from the game for a couple of weeks, we were looking a little better as a real Corporation. We had taken on a few people that were working out really well, and also becoming good friends as well. I also got my gaming family involved, both my brothers, and my nephew were playing EvE at the time, and in the Corporation as well. So when this all happened I think we had seven, or eight active players at the time, and my friend that started me down the road in EvE pulls me aside and says that while he's gone he wants me to be the CEO of the Corporation, and he trusted me with all the stuff that he owned. I was stunned, in a good way mind you, I took it as an honor and humbly accepted the role, and what came with it.

  This is where the true story begins, and why I decided to start this blog. Even with a Hugh advantage of having a true veteran by my side helping me out along the way, there was a lot I had to learn, and do, if I was going to grow this Corporation into something that He and I could call amazing. There are a lot of aspects to this game, and particularly if you want to be a CEO of your own corporation that you have to learn, work towards, and implement that are not sitting there with a spotlight on them. I would like to write about my trials, tribulations, and achievements along the road to running a Corporation for over a year, and maybe help some up and coming CEO's, and anyone else to see what goes into running a Corporation in EvE Online. As I say in my Profile, these are my thoughts. Everyone has opinions, and the right to those opinions, some of what I write may not be what you would do, have done, or thinking of doing. Just take this as one mans story of what he did along the way.

  I will probably also be blogging about other EvE Online things as well, but I would like to base this blog on being a CEO and what goes into doing that.

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