Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Command and Control

  Now that you are in control of your new corporation, it’s time to look at what kind of command structure you’re going to use. Remember that anyone you make a director will have almost full access to your whole Corporation, its bank accounts, and all stored items. Use of the titles option, I have found, works a lot better than trying to assign individual roles to people. If you go to the manage titles tab, you can change a name to something like recruit, and then flip through and assign what all recruits will be able to access within your corporation. You can then make other titles, like member, miner, refiner, production specialist, combat pilot, and anything else you can imagine and set those titles up the way you want to. Using this method, you can better control all access to your corporate hangers, and bank accounts. The use of secure containers will also help with item control as you can set a password that only the people you choose can get in to.   
  What you set up will be dependent on the size of your corporation right now, and making it able to expand and contract as you grow larger or lose members is essential. To start with the initial size of the corporation will dictate what you need for leadership, if it’s small then you alone can probably run it for now. As you grow, you will probably want to separate things a little to keep control of what’s going on. We made divisions in our corporation to keep a flow within the division as well as in, and out of the other divisions. Currently, we have a Mining Division, Production Division, and a Military Division. Within these divisions, we have made it easy to expand or contract that division to reflect what may be going on in that division at the time. As an example, Our Mining Division started with just one high-sec mining foreman, and his miners, but now has both a high-sec, and null-sec division within the mining division itself. The ability to keep things in divisions allows you to keep an eye on certain sections, know what they should be doing, and catch a problem before it gets worse.
  I set up my Command as a triad type leadership, meaning that there are three co-leaders that run our corporation.  Any good leader will recognize and address that they are not perfect, and even though you are a strong and capable leader, surrounding yourself with people that are strong where you are weak is a very good practice. Presidents, and Kings have done this, why shouldn’t you. If you have a person that you can trust, that you know when you are offline, is looking out for the corporation, and that you don’t worry about when you’re not around, you may want to consider him for a leadership position in your corporation. I have two great co-leaders, one is my mentor, the person that gave me the CEO position to begin with, and without whom I probably wouldn’t be running this thing today. He has been playing for a long time, and knows a lot of information about the game, from ship fittings, and capabilities, to market trends, and production. This is my go to guy for all knowledge that is EvE. If he doesn’t know the answer, he knows where to find it. My other co-leader excels in numbers, and spread sheets. He can make a spreadsheet for just about anything, and he watches over a lot of our build projects. He has been instrumental in our building Fenrir’s and our jump freighter. We work well together, and run the corporation well due to the different strengths and weaknesses we have, and together we have each others’ back.

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