Monday, May 20, 2013

Eye's and Ears will save your life.


 This one word is so important in running a corporation in Eve. It is the act of determining what is going on by watching and making a judgment on what you are seeing or hearing. This does not mean that you are right, and in some cases you will be dead wrong in what you have decided is happening. Depending on the situation, and the importance of the act you have observed, this could be detrimental to you, and your corporation.

  What do I mean by this? Everything boils down to how we as humans perceive our surroundings, and what could be dangerous to us, and our way of life. We all have a lack of trust that is there to protect us, and in Eve it is heightened due to what we have witnessed, and read about. What we do is always seen by others, maybe in the right light, but where there could be cause for alarm we will err on the side of caution, and hushed whispers that something is up, and needs to be watched carefully. These emotions are heightened when seen through the eyes of higher ranked people within your corporation, since they have more to lose, and a greater sense of responsibility to protect the Corporation and its members from harm.

  An example would be someone pushing for more roles within the corporation, they may just want to be a bigger part of what’s happening, but they could also want those roles to sabotage your corporation and steal its assets. It all comes down to the perception of the command structure of the corporation, and what they deem as suspicious behavior. The person wanting more roles could be innocent of any wrong thinking, or malicious plans, but in a game like Eve it doesn’t matter. Trust is earned slowly in most corporations, one’s that have been burned before and one’s that have seen or heard it happen to others.

  A good rule of thumb is to be up front with the members of your corporation, or your corporation CEO’s if you’re a leader of an alliance. If people know the intentions, and the base perceptions for common actions within your leadership, they are more apt to understand how things work in your command and what is considered poor form, or inappropriate actions that will cause undue scrutiny upon you or your corporation.

  As always a certain amount of transparency goes along way to helping new people to your corporation, or new corporations to your alliance adjust and understand the reasons behind your command style. Eve is a game of distrust, but in the end when that trust is earned and appreciated it becomes the kind of trust that will last. Most spies will try to gain your trust quickly, after all time is money, and they want your money and don’t want to spend years doing it. Be advised though, there are people out there that play that game, they will spend all the time in the world to get you to make them a director, you will think he’s your best friend, he has your back, and would never do anything to harm you or the corporation he so lovingly pledges himself to, so be careful, be vigilant, but above all else be aware that the more you play this game, the easier it will become to perceive when something is not quite right. 


  1. A good post, I enjoy reading your blog.

    As an alliance director, knowing what is going on and what you perceive is going on can be totally different. I have found that it can be fairly difficult to achieve good communication, and that I have to be pro-active and make time each week to take CEO's aside and ask them about how things are going within their corporations, and whether they have any problems or ideas. No matter how much I encourage people to use CEO channels or mail lists, at the end of the day, I usually only find out what is going on by actually asking.

    As for the trust thing, I have spent about 5/6 years as a CEO in EVE and it has taken me a lot of time to create the corporation I run now, many of the people in it have been with me for a long time, some all of that time.

    My mantra in EVE is if you find good people, which in EVE is not so easy, then keep them with you however you can. EVE is about friends and teamwork, the importance of which can never be understated. Once you have a few people you can trust and who can trust you, the foundations of a good corporation are there.

    1. All too true, as you play this game you learn more and more. thanks for your support!