Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making ISK Pt. 2

  Location, Location, Location, that’s what most real estate agents know about selling homes, but it’s also the way to go for your new corporation as well. Your Corporations needs a good home to base all your major operations out of, you may end up with more than one, but there will be one that will be your headquarters. Try to pick a system that benefits your corporation vision. If you’re going to do industry, then a system with a decent amount of asteroid belts, and maybe an Ice belt, or an ice belt next system over would be good. Look for a cluster of agents too, ones that you want to use for loyalty points, and reputation. Remember that increased reputation will allow for perfect refining. If you’re going the PvP route, then maybe a system on the edge of low sec, or an area you want to roam in would be a better choice.
  Agents, reputation, and loyalty points are a must for a budding Corporation. Agents allow for you, your corporation, and your members to do missions, and gain reputation and loyalty points to use in that NPC corporations loyalty point store. We used a system that had all four agents, from level one, to level four. When we did this, we could move a newer player right up the ladder of agents without them having to move to different systems. This is a rare find, but if you can keep the last two agents, level four, and five ones near each other, and close to your main base of operations, that would work well for keeping your people close together.
  Reputation as we have already gone over is important for perfect refining.  When your reputation gets to an eight, you are allowed to purchase jump clones with that NPC corporation.
  Loyalty points can be used to purchase items from the NPC loyalty store, these include a great many things that could be used by your corporation, or its members.
  Keeping your corporations members together is important, it allows you to easily form up fleets, or have events without having to worry about your people being scattered all over the galaxy. Industry based corporations could have everything they need set up in one system. Finding a system with production facilities that are not heavily used, and an area that is not already heavily mined is not an impossibility, as long as you put in a little work. PvP corporations have to decide what their plan is going to be, and where they’re going to set up will be determined by this.
  The Idea of location, and keeping your corporation together, and available will help with the making of ISK for you, your corporation, and your members.

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